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Photo Biotech Reviews and Testimonials


Testimonials from clinic owners

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In terms of the experience, It was very positive. You were very responsive and professional. I appreciated the help with getting the financing at the best rate possible. We did have some challenges with the wire transfer but that seemed to be more of a bank issue, but you were very prompt in returning the refund as discussed. So far, the equipment seems good, although we are not in full swing of using it just yet, so more to come on that. I have enjoyed working with you on this and would be happy to do business again...thanks

Mylissa Graber MD MBA FACEP CEO Dr. G's Urgent Care

To whom it may concern,
I recently purchased a laser machine from Al and would like to say how happy i am with the level of customer service i have received. He has returned every call and answered all of my questions. He has been very attentive and has always been extremely helpful. I am truly grateful for his patience, understanding and kindness. A true professional and a great machine, in one case I saw a 50% reduction of hair regrowth after only one treatment, it`s really unbelievable!*

Ester K. Radiance Spa Brooklyn

Sales and Support, Photo Biotech
Upon your request for feedback: I am very pleased and satisfied with the exceptional level of knowledge, service, training, and off course the quality of the machines. Initially I purchased one machine, now I own several machines from Photo Biotech. The level of service pre and post purchase was really unprecedented. I was expecting the attention to fall off after the delivery. I was impressed and surprised with the continual level of service. The remarkable hand holding white glove service with not only me, but also with my staff. The ongoing updates and support is incalculable to me. Thank you very much. Please share the feedback with anyone.  Sincerely and best wishes

Dr. S Bains, Surrey BC

I had and issue with my hand-piece 2 months after the warranty expired, Al replaced it for free, no questions asked, No issues since! Thank you Thank you

Monica Mani, Owner

Thank you for the expedited delivery and great service. I need my new machine yesterday, I had clients booked and rescheduled. My old machine just died on me. Al delivered my machine in 24hours. Al trained me on the machine by Face-time the same evening my machine arrived. Thank you. You saved my business sort of. Great machine so far, love my frozen tip.

Sandy R. Bella Spa, Owner

Excellent training better then my laser school. Surprisingly, I learned so much. All Photo Biotech machines are easy to use. However, the training is a little overbearing.

H Donner, Chiropractor, Ohio

Excellent Service…Thanks Christine

Sara H. Christine's Day-spa

The frozen tip is truly a frozen tip. The hand-piece is completely painless most of the time. Although sometimes I can my patients feel a little warmth, on areas of the body like cheek bones or chin bones, I would say that it is still painless over the bones, but not pain-free. I was expecting to not feel anything. Works on dark skin very well.

Surinder Lall MD

The machines heavier then I thought it would be. It is not as portable then I thought. It still fits in the trunk my car but the machine is a little heavy for me. The results are good.

Lisa Manning Spa Owner

It is fast and it is painless. But not as portable as I thought. The machine is small but heavy. My model is the 2016 model HRP 800. I bought it refurnished. Not bad.

Sandeep S MD, Dermatology

It does not come with the stand. I felt mislead. The machine is very good.

Jamie Bennett, Barber's Lounge

There is no difference between the three wavelengths and single wavelength. Save your money. 808nm is universal. The machine is not bad. Excellent for what I paid.

Dr. Jay Burke

I love my SOLO Plus so far. Use it all day everyday. I was worry about the duty cycle, My Lumenis started to stall between clients and sometimes during treatments. I Had to wait 20 minutes sometimes. It was almost the same price to finance Photo Biotech then to repair my Lumenis. The jury is still out about long term usage. But so far so good. I would recommend with caution. Let’s see how Photo Biotech follows through when things go sideways.

Dr. D Goldberg

Love… Love…. Love…Seriously easy and seriously fast! Wow! What an upgrade from my old Q-switch NDyag. Seriously fast.

Malisa Townsend MedSpa Owner

I have an IPL that is only for skin rejuvenation. The Solo Pro single wavelength is good enough for Fitzpatrick 1-4, My clients are mainly Fitzpatrick 1-4, but occasionally I treat darker skin types and works. Just keep setting on low

Aldo, Laser Clinic, NY

Dear Al, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and amazing product. As you know I purchased the Laser Hair Removal 800HRP. You went above and beyond typical customer service to help me with all aspects of my purchase.

Sara Patel MD, DaySpa Owner Houston TX

You are definitely a highly valuable asset to your company, and your product is also of the highest standards.
Feel free to forward this message to your coworkers, peers, and customers.
Thank you again for your helpfulness and professionalism.

Patricia B Mayer , MedSpa Owner, Beverly Hills, Ca 

I lost 2 inches on my hips after 2 sessions...

F. Azam , Med-Spa Owner Victoria, Urban CaliBody

Great warranty. Had an issue after our last thunder storm. Power surges are not covered by warranty. Everyone…unplug the machine in advance of lighting storms. S*** Happens! Photo Biotech replaced the power supply. Wow! good on them and thank you. I had to pay for the shipping though. Still not bad!

C. Malloy, Clinic Owner Portland Oregon

The machine is predictable. Works as promised. That’s rare nowadays!

Maria B, DaySpa Owner Miami

Great service, happy with the larger spot size free upgrade, Thank you.

Lisa S. Ohio, Owner

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

W.Sumara. Laser & Rejuvenation Clinic

I have been using the Smart IPL and Diode laser the most. My customers achieve really good results and I feel confident in the treatments I offer. The diode hair removal is the BEST! I really don't have a lot of hair to remove on myself but the result I see on my customers are amazing they are amazed and so and I. I have used the Q-Switch a couple of times on the same customer and she is getting results too - the tattoo is disappearing and should be gone in the next visit.

Beth M Wray. Irvine, CA

Good Machine! Expensive But one of the best out there. Its safe and effective. Working on buying a second one in the future (maybe I can get a discount on my second!) agree with previous review its a heavy machine - but in a good way!

Geeta. Skin Perfection. California