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Probe Skin Analyzer

PBT Skin & Complexion Analyzer Pro Photo Imaging system (SCAPPI™)

Eliminate the guess work; get it right the first time

Device Summary : 90% of the time skin conditions are misdiagnosed and are inconclusive; therefore product & treatment recommendations can be incorrect or in-accurate. This can leads to further skin problems or no treatment results. This can be avoided with the Skin & Complexion Analyzer Pro Photo Imaging system (SCAPPI™)

With SCAPPI™, a thorough skin consultation and a full skin analysis is provided to fully understanding the needs, concerns and desired results wished to achieve. Facial and skin treatments are individualised according to the current skin conditions and aftercare can be advised for optimum results.

Get closer look at what’s going on with skin. SCAPPI™ system uses RGB, ultraviolet spectrum and polarized light to look deep into the skin. It identifies issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a magnifying glass.

SCAPPI™ device takes two photos of a patient’s skin. The first one is a highly magnified view of the visible skin—the epidermis—showing visible fine lines, wrinkles, pores and the brown spots and unevenness of skin damage.

The second photo goes even deeper, showing the condition of the dermis. This in-depth dermis analysis shows not only what is, but what will be—the indicators of sun and environmental exposure, acne break outs, aging and the effects of existing skincare regimen that will lead to more wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, brown spots, sun damage, fine lines and uneven skin spots in the next decade or so.

SCAPPI™ system can diagnose various spots, pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, creases, sun damage etc. Offering specific treatment protocols solutions for the damaged or deficient skin.

Complexion Profile Analysis System

Creating the Profile

This first step takes an in depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics. Identifying clients skin condition both topically and subsurface.

Complexion Analysis

This system’s multi-spectral imaging and analysis provides a clear, multi dimensional portrait of the individual aspects of your complexion with contribute to overall appearance. This system captures key visual information for identifying skin health and vitality. These key features for skin health and appearance are analysed.

  • 1. Wrinkles
  • 2. Spots
  • 3.Pores
  • 4. Unevenness (color variation in the skin tone)
  • 5. Porphyrins (acne causing bacteria in pores)
  • 6. UV damage (sun exposure)

Complexion Individualized Program

This in depth profile and analysis provides the information necessary to truly individualize facial and skin care regimens to match each unique complexion profile based on the clients specific complexion requirements.


1. Camera unit is a unique tool with 15 million pixels to capture the topical and subsurface condition of the skin. This unit has two completely independent shooting systems, RGB shooting system and UV shooting system

2. Dedicated computer – calculates both the standard and UV images by means of analysis software

3. This in-depth analysis provides the consultant with precise data for individually tailored treatment advice for client skin health and appearance.

4. These photographic results of the clients complexion can be plotted or diagramed. Different parameters can be shown as well as different images. The results can be used by the skin care consultants for anti-aging treatment, planning and monitoring of the progress. The client can finally receive the comprehensive treatment to meet desired goals for anti-aging, cosmetic face treatments, facial rejuvenation or skin therapy.


1. The facial printout will identify the UV image, exposing visible and invisible spots form sun damage, environmental exposure, pigment changes and overall complexion health and status.

2. Reports can be printed for the client. Matching appropriate treatments and products for a full individualized beauty report.

3. During or after a course of treatment, improvement in the skin condition can be monitored

Skin & Complexion Analyzer Pro Imaging Examples