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Marketing Support

Medical Community Support and Endorsement: As we grow together, majority of owner partners are in the medical community on one way or another. This consortium immediately contributes to a heavy brand equity and creates a true perception of a ultra premium brand.

Marketing Strategy: The current business model is designed to be highly lucrative per treatment and highly profitable with minimal marketing efforts. However, the end game is to be highly successful throughout. Meaning, as more clinics open, the stronger the brand equity of Photo biotech Laser Centers. Furthermore, the aggregate of localized marketing plans, should provide a list of effective best practice marketing in 2016. Henceforth, in 2017 and onwards marketing efforts would be effective and cost beneficial.

Photo Biotech Unified Website: Website development and web presence support is available and offered.

Marketing & Advertising Kit: Template and adaptable marketing material is currently under design and development. Including: brochures, signage, in-clinic material, press release content, soft launch and grand opening concepts, local print media i.e. newspaper and magazine ad design and more.

Below are examples of template print media ads available to all owner partners: