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About Us


About Us


About Us

Our Competitive Advantage – Building long term relations

For more then 10 years. Photo Biotech continues to lead the way in expanding the broadest range of medical and non-medical aesthetic technology and equipment. Proudly integrating German, Japanese, British and American core components. Promising to meet or exceed any competitive machines performance and specification…offering exceptional value for money.


Photo Biotech Support

  • Financing is available
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Zero Down Payment
  • Branding Support
  • Full training
  • Certification for each machine
  • Certification for each operator
  • Marketing Support included
  • Full training
  • No Consumables
  • No Hidden service Charges


The trade-in program

Our 80% and 100% trade in programs are extremely popular and assist many of our customers in acquiring highly effective machines. We offer financing with low interest rates. With our affordable financing you can begin treatments quickly and with ease.


No Commission Sales Staff…

We have non commissioned sales staff. Contrary to our competition and most industry practices.


No Service Contracts, No Consumables

Photo Biotech machines do not have built-in preset timers for unnecessary servicing, or consumables, which is a commonly undisclosed concern for competitive machine owners.


Consulting, Training, Decision Making about Capital Equipment

We believe capital equipment should make you capital. We welcome customers to pick our brains and share your thoughts and concerns. Lets run the numbers together. We will share industry feedback and best practices. We offer training and customer support for each machine which exceed industry and national standards and offer a current outline for learning and training.


New , Pre-Owned and Lease Returns Save 30-50%

New equipment is usually available right away, subject to periodic back orders. Lease returns become available routinely. Pre-owned machine are seldom and require a lead time to source. All machines come with warranty and are comprehensively tested.


Our Goals

Photo Biotech is driven by a focus on advancing and developing Laser Bio-Stimulation, and Phototherapy solutions. By cultivating an inter-disciplinary collaboration, we strive to span the research spectrum from basic biological studies through the development and testing of novel diagnostic and treatment technologies to their integration into mainstream clinical practice.


Photo Biotech pursues its mission through the synergy of its associate’s expertise in:

Research :Investigating how light interacts with molecules, cells, organisms, and people. Technology development : Designing new therapeutic and diagnostic methods and tools for specific applications. Transitional research: Bringing our research to the stage of practical and clinical applications.