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PhotoVibe Lymphatic Body Vibration

The laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaks down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing that though channels in the cell membranes.

laser lipo phototherapy The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body (Lymphatic System) to the tissues that will metabolize it to create energy. The PhotoVibe 10M is specifically engineered as a post Photo Biotech Laser Lipo treatment follow up to optimally accelerate the lymphatic system/drainage.


Immediately after the laser lipo treatment use the Photo Biotech PhotoVibe 10M for 10 minutes to optimize the expected desired results of the laser lipo treatment.

The Engineering

The PhotoVibe 10M variable multi directional vibration movement is the key fundamental aspect to the PhotoVibe 10M that makes it efficient for people to optimally accelerate the lymphatic system/drainage, promote detoxification, lose weight or shed inches off the waistline , and offers essential benefits. Optimal for post laser lipo treatments.

laser lipo phototherapy The PhotoVibe 10M stimulates the muscle system to increase the lymphatic drainage, burn calories, increase metabolism, detoxify and increase better blood circulation.

Whether we realize it or not, our body continually vibrates all the while its pumping blood. Therefore, vibration is essential for our blood circulation, subsequent oxygenation of cells and efficient lymphatic drainage.

Vibration exercise is generally referred to as anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after a workout because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover. Vibration can be regarded as resistance training, resistance training that burns fat and calories.

10 Minutes = 1 Hour of Exercise

low level laser energy low level laser energyTen minutes of PhotoVibe 10M exercise is equal to an hour of exercising in a gym or fitness center. Whenever muscles contract, that is considered to be muscle activity. When there is muscle activity, calories are burned. Exercising for ten minutes on a low impact PhotoVibe 10M means less strain, which is good for your veins, joints and connective tissue. Among many other benefits, PhotoVibe 10M is an activity that can minimize and or prevent varicose veins and chronic fatigue.

10 Minutes = 200-500 calorie burnt or 3.5 miles walk

It has been calculated that a 10 min vibration session could yield an approximate 200-500 calorie burn. This could increase with intensifying the activity while on the machine. It has been calculated that 10 minutes on a PhotoVibe 10M machine would be similar to approx a 3.5-6 mile walk. Keep in mind, this depends on many variables.

Since muscles are working at almost 100% when using PhotoVibe 10M, they are burning more glucose and oxygen, therefore pushing the heart to pump harder and get more oxygen to the muscles. Since more fuel is being burnt it can help accelerate weight loss, increase muscle strength, optimally accelerate the lymphatic system/drainage, promote detoxification and other essential benefits


low level laser energy The vibration applied to an injury promoted better blood circulation to the injured area, and the body’s own repair systems were doing the repair work, the vibration would just speed things up. The same holds true today as this device does not actually do anything specific on its own. This device helps your body improve itself in many ways including increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a complex system of ducts and conduits that take away toxins from muscles and at the same time bring new germ fighting materials to the muscles. Unlike the blood system which has a pump (the heart), the lymph system does not have a pumping system; it relies solely on muscular contractions and releases to move the fluids

In Space

low level laser energy Through recent studies scientists have discovered the physics that make muscles work at a healthy pace. The Russian Space Institute, the European Space Agency and NASA came up with various body vibration techniques that counter muscle atrophy and bone loss; two of the conditions cosmonauts and astronauts experience when subjected to lack of gravity, consequently producing poor lymphatic activity. As a result of these discoveries PhotoVibe 10M exercise techniques were invented.

NASA astronauts use vibration devices in space for resistance training, full muscular skeletal/ lymphatic therapy and drainage. In space there is obviously no gravity and without the constant gravitational force that the body is used to, the muscle system does not get an adequate workout from simple things like walking. Aside from the lymphatic drainage improvements which keep astronauts from getting colds there are additional well being benefits.

Fast twitch muscles use fat deposits for energy

low level laser energy In your body you have two types of muscle groups, the large muscles, which we use every day and we use in most traditional exercise programs. The other muscle groups are known as the fast twitch muscle groups. These specific muscles are quite different than the other group in a few ways. Fast twitch muscles have a very short range of motion, and they have very fast response times, usually almost reflex muscle contractions, before your mind even thinks about what muscle to fire and how hard. The fast twitch muscle groups are the ones that are used when you are walking on slippery surfaces such as ice and if you are about to slip they fire almost instantly before you even realize that you were about to fall or trip. They will help you keep your balance and react to oncoming forces such as wind and unstable platforms. We actually have a lot of them, but do not use them very often. One of the most interesting things about these muscle groups is the fact that they do not use sugar as an energy source, they actually use fat deposits for energy.

Consider an average gym scenario, if you were working out and using the fast twitch muscle groups predominantly, your body would still be burning calories, post workout your body does not feel hungry, it is not craving a replacement of sugar that was expended. Now your workouts are burning up fat deposits for calories and you are not eating more. You have now hit that point where you are burning more calories than you are consuming, you are losing weight. The exercise machines and programs you are accustomed to all focus on using the major large muscle groups.

This is where the PhotoVibe 10M differs from all other exercises; it focuses almost all energy used through the use of the fast twitch reflex muscles. The gentle and short movements are designed for response by the fast twitch muscles. When you use the PhotoVibe 10M you do not have to think about the workout, your muscles are moving in reflex response in opposing directions to the movements created by PhotoVibe 10M.

What seems at first to be a very easy workout is in fact extremely challenging for the body as your body will work very hard to keep your balance, it will burn a great deal of calories and at the same time it is burning up fat deposits and not making you hungry. The PhotoVibe 10M variable multi directional vibration movement is the key fundamental aspect to the PhotoVibe 10Ms which makes it efficient for people looking to lose weight or shed inches off the waistline. Optimal for post laser lipo treatments.

The Lymphatic System

low level laser energy The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, comprising a network of conduits called lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart. The lymph system is not a closed system. The circulatory system processes an average of 20 litres of blood per day through capillary filtration which removes plasma while leaving the blood cells. Roughly 17 litres of the filtered plasma actually get reabsorbed directly into the blood vessels, while the remaining 3 litres are left behind in the interstitial fluid. The primary function of the lymph system is to provide an accessory route for these excess 3 litres per day to get returned to the blood. Lymph is essentially recycled blood plasma.

The blood does not directly come in contact with the parenchymal cells and tissues in the body, but constituents of the blood first exit the microvascular exchange blood vessels to become interstitial fluid, which comes into contact with the parenchymal cells of the body. Lymph is the fluid that is formed when interstitial fluid enters the initial lymphatic vessels of the lymphatic system. The lymph is then moved along the lymphatic vessel network by either intrinsic contractions of the lymphatic passages or by extrinsic compression of the lymphatic vessels via external tissue forces (e.g. the contractions of skeletal muscles). The organization of lymph nodes and drainage follows the organization of the body into external and internal regions; therefore, the lymphatic drainage of the head, limbs, and body cavity walls follows an external route, and the lymphatic drainage of the thorax, abdomen, and pelvic cavities follows an internal route. Eventually, the lymph vessels empty into the lymphatic ducts, which drain into one of the two subclavian veins (near the junctions of the subclavian veins with the internal jugular veins).

With every beat of the heart, subtle vibrations are sent through the body, the movement stimulating a higher degree of circulation and a higher level of overall health. Because this movement is conducive to achieving a healthier circulatory system, among others, it has been recreated throughout the cultures and ages of history in an attempt to heal illnesses and improve the overall quality of life. A practice that has been utilized for thousands of years, vibration exercise is said to amplify the effects of the vibrations made each time the heart beats. These vibrations produce a level of blood flow that is uninterrupted, allowing oxygen and other important substances to circulate freely. By constantly pumping blood through the many systems of the body, PhotoVibe 10M machine also promotes the drainage of the lymphatic system, which acts as a network of pipes that pushes toxins out of the body.

Moving the various fluids of the body requires power, which is only achieved through muscle contractions (such as the contraction of the heart when it pumps). The vibrations created by PhotoVibe 10M machine create small muscular contractions. This forces the fluids through the body in a way that is efficient, constant, and gentle enough not to cause any harm while being forceful enough to discard toxins and other potentially dangerous buildup.

Individuals that cannot get rid of their toxins are more prone to illness and do not feel as healthy as those whose lymphatic systems are capable of draining regularly. Exercise is certainly one way to achieve a high level of lymphatic draining, but not everyone has the ability (either physically or practically) to indulge in a great deal of physical activity. For this reason, whole body vibration, facilitated by PhotoVibe 10M, is able to help combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and rid the body of the toxins that it has stored. This being said, individuals that don’t have time for extensive exercise can greatly benefit from PhotoVibe 10M.

In addition to acting as a catalyst for lymphatic drainage, PhotoVibe 10M also sparks the activity of the lymph nodes, which are key components of the immune system. Therefore, the movement allows individuals to both rid their bodies of toxins that they already possess and prevent them from contracting new illnesses.

Another benefit, PhotoVibe 10M provides for the lymphatic system is to push stored fats out of the body, resulting in a healthier, leaner figure. This smaller figure can also be attributed to the decrease in cortisol, which is a known agent of belly fat, due to an increase in serotonin.

How does PhotoVibe 10M help with lymphatic drainage?

low level laser energy The movement of the PhotoVibe 10M vibration plates enhances the natural drainage of the lymph by increasing movements of the skeletal muscles and smooth muscle cells to push the lymph from tissues. Increased blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the tissues and cells, especially in areas where circulation is poor as a result of injury or disease. Unrealized, the body continually vibrates all the while it is pumping blood. It makes sense that PhotoVibe 10Mis essential for blood circulation and the subsequent oxygenation of cells and the resulting lymphatic drainage.

Simply standing on a PhotoVibe 10M, your body will be exposed to multiple multi direction vibrations per second. The PhotoVibe 10M generates the vibrations and transmits the intensity and the motion throughout your body. For vibration therapy to be effective, the appropriate speed of the plates must be used to obtain the required results for lymphatic drainage.

The Problem: Stagnant Lymphatic Fluids

Another major cause of poor health, fatigue, depression, and weight-gain is the accumulation of toxins due to the stagnation of lymphatic and other body fluids. Unlike changing the oil in our cars, we cannot remove dirty, stagnant fluids in our body and replace them. Rather than replacing our fluids, we must stimulate circulation to facilitate detoxification and enhance the flow of energy throughout our bodies.
 As fluids circulate through our bodies, they remove toxins and other wastes. PhotoVibe 10M is one of the most effective ways to stimulate both lymphatic movement and detoxification.

The Ultimate No Sweat Workout!

PhotoVibe 10M provides the means to exercise nearly one hundred trillion cells in your body simultaneously, achieving a similar response in ten minutes that you would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise!

Battle Cellulite

low level laser energy The lymph system plays an underestimated role in the health of our bodies. How do you reduce cellulite? The lymph system is responsible for the absorption of trapped toxins in the fat cells, commonly referred to as cellulite. It takes the toxins contained in those problem cells and flushes them out of your system.
Another function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of excess fluid anywhere in the body and returning it to the blood stream. Lastly, the system is a critical support for the body’s immune system. This very much underestimated lymphatic system is the unsung hero of the human body. The lymph system is a complex network of ducts and nodes that drain toxins out of the muscles and other cells in the body. These nodes are also essential to the delivery of antibodies to the muscles, making our bodies stronger and more fatigue resistant. Lymph nodes play a significant role in a healthy immune system.

Here is a list of benefits you will experience with PhotoVibe 10M

PhotoBody 600LC laser lipo therapy offers a non invasive treatment solution with no use of anesthesia, gels, creams, numbing agents, needles and no downtime. It is safe, pain free, affordable and comfortable. These treatments can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Results are cumulative and a treatment series is typically recommended for maximum benefits.

Additional comment about PhotoVibe 10M

If you notice a tingling or itching sensation after standing on a PhotoVibe 10M platform for a short time, this is a signal your body is sending you – a message confirming just how much you really need to be using a PhotoVibe 10M. Don’t withdraw from these sensations, encourage them. What’s happening is your body has clustered (clumped together) fat cells, often along with the formation of cellulite, which causes a type of blockage restricting blood flow. After a few minutes of PhotoVibe 10M exercise your capillaries dilate and freshly oxygenated blood starts to flow into areas that were previously suppressed. The tingling/itching sensations will diminish with each PhotoVibe 10M exercise session,letting you know you’re burning the fat and relaxing the cells, allowing increased blood and prompting the carrying away of toxins from your body’s tissues. This is completely normal and to be expected. It is the allowing of the capillaries to expand, supplying more blood to these areas and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins from the body at an accelerated rate.

FAQ’s and Summary

How Does PhotoVibe 10M Support Laser Lipo?

The laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaks down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body (Lymphatic System) to the tissues that will metabolize it to create energy. The PhotoVibe 10M is specifically engineered as a post Photo Biotech Laser Lipo follow up to optimally accelerate the lymphatic system/drainage.

What Does PhotoVibe 10M Do?

PhotoVibe 10M offers you a low-impact way to increase strength, flexibility, and rejuvenate your body – in addition to increasing metabolism. PhotoVibe 10M causes the muscles to experience an involuntary contraction at the same rate that the platform is vibrating. The mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex in 100% of your muscles. This means your muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing. And thus accelerating lymphatic drainage.

What Makes PhotoVibe 10M Unique?

The Engineering: The PhotoVibe 10M variable multi directional vibration movement is the key fundamental aspect to the PhotoVibe 10Ms that make efficient for people to optimally accelerate the lymphatic system/drainage, promote detoxifications lose weight or shed inches off the waistline , and offers essential benefits. Optimal for post laser lipo treatments. It’s a non-invasive workout that you don’t have to change into workout clothes for. It’s also a multifaceted tool that complements aerobics and strength training. It’s simply a great tool for a healthy lifestyle.

The Benefits of PhotoVibe 10M

Reduces Cellulite:
PhotoVibe 10M causes increased local circulation to all areas of your body, in turn giving visible cellulite areas a “smoother” look.

Reduces Varicose Veins:
PhotoVibe 10M causes increased lymph drainage, which lowers the pressure in varicose veins so the valves of the veins can close off.

Increase Energy:
PhotoVibe 10M stimulates all cells in your body, increases blood flow and oxygen intake, and stimulates metabolism to help flush out toxins for a renewed vigor.

Improves Muscle Strength:
PhotoVibe 10M improves muscle strength the same way regular exercise does. Vibrations lengthen and shorten the fibers depending on the frequency.

Enhances Wellness:
PHOTOVIBE 10M increases blood flow, lymph drainage, oxygenated cells, the release of endorphins, and detoxification of the body.

Enhances Detoxification:
PHOTOVIBE 10M works from the inside out – waste products are expelled at a cellular, lymphatic and excretion level.