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Laser Hair Removal


    SOLO PLUS Features

  • 2 hand pieces 2 unique spots sizes in one machine
  • 12x12mm & 15x27mm
  • The small 12×12 for nook and cranny’s
  • The Large 15×27 to blaze through legs and chest and back
  • This machine may be smaller in size but big in results and performance.
  • Fluence Up To 100 J/Cm2
  • Pulse Widths Up To 400 Ms
  • Optimal wavelength 810 nm
  • Mobile, Compact and Lightweight Design
  • User-Friendly Quick Start Controls
  • Non-Invasive, No Down Time
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    BINARY Features (includes SOLO features) Plus

  • Vacuum-assist technology with the largest spot size in the industry 22 x 35 mm (painless)
  • Secondary spot size 10mmx12mm…ideal for upper lip, ears, and other hard to reach areas with unwanted hair (painless)
  • 2 hand pieces in one machine
  • Wi-Fi & windows friendly software
  • Client/patient profile software included
  • Fasted PainFREE Treatment Times in the Industry
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    Wavelength Integrated Technology
    Dual Wavelength Advantage

  • 755nm Optimal for light hair and light skin
  • 808nm Works on all skin types /excellent on
  • dark hair and dark skin


  • Legs and Back In 30 Minutes
  • Arm Pits 5 Minutes
  • Upper Lip 1 Minutes


  • Full Body in 1 hour
  • Legs and Back In 15 Minutes
  • Upper Lip 1 Minutes

Performance Results Documented on, October 27, 2016, Dr. Muhammad Mirza MD

Allied Medical, Madison Ave. Manhattan NY (Training Day)

Nicole 2 minutes NA NA NA 2 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 1 NA 5 minutes NA NA 5 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 2 2 minutes 4 minutes NA 15 minutes 21 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 3 1 minutes 6 minutes NA 20 minutes Brazilian 27 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 4 Fully Body 1 minute 5 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes 46 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 5 NA 6 minutes 18 minutes 17 minutes 41 minutes total session BINARY
Subject 6 Back 22 minutes 5 minutes NA 20 minutes 47 minutes total session BINARY
Male Subject* 15 minutes Face 25 minutes Back 15 minutes Upper Chest 20 minutes Manzilian 75 minutes total session BINARY


Photo Biotech Laser Hair Removal System uses the most effective distinctive long pulse-width 808nm laser that can penetrate to hair follicle and results in the unmatched light absorption by the melanin. PBT 800HRP laser energy is unsurpassed in absorption of the laser. The Latter then heats the hair shaft and hair follicle and disables the hair follicle and oxygen organization of the hair follicle. The advance cooling technology, cools and protects the skin resulting in a relatively painless and comfortable permanent hair removal experience.


Problematic and excessive hair growth are seen more commonly in many ethnic populations, including South American, African, Asian- Pacific, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African-American subjects. Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), “beard bumps” and ingrown hair is a common disorder in African-American, African-Caribbean and African subjects with tightly curled or coiled facial hair. In PFB, curved hairs emerge from curved follicles at an acute angle and penetrate the nearby skin causing a reaction that is characterized by papules, pustules or small nodules at the point of re-entry.

An 808 nm diode laser with contact cooling and very long pulse widths provides for effective, long-term hair reduction of medium to coarse pigmented hair, even in some darker-skin subjects. Very long pulse widths allow for all skin types to tolerate substantially higher fluences, and thus darker skin types can be safely and effectively treated. Additionally, preliminary results demonstrate that very long pulse widths do not significantly decrease the efficacy for medium to coarse hair reduction for any given fluence. Combined with aggressive contact skin cooling which reduces epidermal damage. It is important to note, however, that such cooling must occur not just prior (pre-cooling), but throughout the entire laser pulse, to maximize protection of the epidermis. This type of concurrent (parallel) cooling is effectively implemented by contacting the skin with a chilled sapphire tip transparent to laser light. The combination of longer pulse widths and the unique contact cooling system reduces skin damage and allows for higher fluences to be safely used on darker skin.



ECT classifies patients for descriptive purposes based on their skin color and ethnicity. This new classification scale is believed to be significantly more useful in determining appropriate parameters for laser hair removal.

The effectiveness of laser hair reduction depends on many variables, including the subject’s skin type. Laser hair reduction is typically more effective in lighter-skin people with dark hair than in darker-skin people because higher fluences can be safely used. The challenge associated with laser treatment for darker-skin subjects is to avoid surface skin (epidermal and upper dermal) injury due to absorption of light in the pigmented epidermis, while still causing selective destruction of the underlying pigmented hair follicles.

Treatment (laser epilation) operates on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This process combines selective absorption of light energy by the melanin in hair follicles with suitable fluences (energies per unit area) and pulse durations that are equal to or less than the thermal relaxation time (TRT) of targeted follicles in human skin (10-100 ms). However, additional studies indicate that the ideal pulse duration for medium to coarse hair reduction might be longer than the TRT of the hair follicle. Because the chromophore (melanin in the hair shaft and matrix cells) occupies a much smaller volume compared to the follicle, thermal diffusion is necessary for follicle destruction. Therefore, a much longer pulse duration appears to be required to achieve optimal results. Heat is conducted from the shaft and melanized portion of the bulb to surrounding structures according to the laws of thermal diffusion.





Description Specifications
Laser Type Diode Laser
Laser Wavelength 808nrn±2nm or DUAL 755nm/808
Spot Size 12.12mm2, 12.20mm2, 15.27mm2 (optional)
Pulse Width 1-400ms (Adjustable)
Energy 1-160 J/cm2 (adjustable)
Frequency 1-10Hz (adjustable)
Skin Type I-VI Skin Type
Display 8.4′ Color Touch LCD Display
Laser Module Power 800W Device Output 2000W
Cooling Water +Air + Semiconductor + A/C
Voltage 110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz 10A req.

Description Specifications
Laser Wavelength 808nm
Max Laser Density 176J/cm3
Frequency 1Hz-3Hz (Traditional Mode), 5/10Hz (SHR Mode)
Pulse Width 15ms-100ms
Working Mode Traditional Mode, SHR Mode
Spot Size 35mm.22mm
Peak Power 2400W + 1500W = 3900W 10A req.
Net Dimension 30 (L).17 (W).67 (H)in
Gross Weight 65Kg on Wheels